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3 Redneck Tenors

3 Redneck Tenors 3 Redneck Tenors
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3 Redneck Tenors: Hysterical Performances

3 Redneck Tenors

You'll Laugh at their Antics and Marvel at their Music

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Dallas, Texas, United States
About 3 Redneck Tenors

The popular national touring show of 3 Redneck Tenors has gone corporate! Imagine at your next the melodic wake of the three operatic tenors comes a new breed of tenors from more humble origins...the 3 Redneck Tenors! Although a successful touring show for many years, their popularity exploded after they were featured on NBC's America's Got Talent. The 3 Redneck Tenors are classically trained veteran artists from Broadway and world opera stages with voices that will blow away any ...