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Tim Elmore

Tim Elmore

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About Tim Elmore

Tim Elmore is the Founder and president of "Growing Leaders" a non-profit organization created to develop emerging leaders. Through Growing Leaders, he and his team are equipping middle school, high school and college students on hundreds of campuses in the U.S. including Duke, Rutgers, Florida State and Christian colleges such as Biola University, Bethel College, Asbury College and Regent University. This is his passion, having worked with students since 1979. In addition, Tim has ...

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Life-Giving Leaders

We are “life-giving” when we are at our best. Sadly, over time we drift. Eventually we wander into a lifestyle that’s a bit cynical, negative, jaded and even skeptical of the emerging generation. We ...

Generation iY in The Workplace: Turning Potential Into Performance

It is no longer accurate to refer to Generation Y as one collective generation. Born between 1990 and 2002, they are part of the largest generation in our history. They are being called Generation iY ...

Habitudes Experience

The Habitudes Experience teaches leadership in a groundbreaking format to emerging leaders. Tim Elmore utilizes a one-day interactive experience that teaches leadership using static images, visual ...

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Nurturing the Leader within Your Child by Tim Elmore
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