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Ted Lowe

Ted Lowe, Christian, Faith marriage, relationship, married, parenting Ted Lowe, Christian, Faith marriage, relationship, married, parenting
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Ted Lowe

Founder of MarriedPeople, Blogger, and Married Ministries Leader

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About Ted Lowe

My name is Ted Lowe and I've been married to Nancie Hoblitzell Lowe since 1995. (Yes, I saved her from her maiden name.) We have three busy kids who we serve as Uber drivers and sometimes parents. I'm a speaker, writer, and the director of MarriedPeople, the marriage division at The reThink Group (also known as Orange), a non-profit organization devoted to influencing those who influence the next generation. Before working at Orange I worked as the Director of MarriedLife at North Point ...

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One-Night Events

Ted typically does a 45-minute message that is 75% comedy and 25% content. In this message, Ted has a lot of fun exploring what it takes to have a great marriage. The application is focused on ...

Worship Services

Churches often have Ted stay over from a Saturday night event and have him speak Sunday morning on the power of words in all relationships.

Women’s Retreats

5 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Men A 45-minute message full of humor and encouragement.

Latest Book

Your Best Us: Marriage Is Easier Than You Think by Ted Lowe
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“As the keynote speaker at our marriage seminar, Ted’s talks were home runs! Our couples are still talking about what they learned months later. By far, one of the most impactful events we did all year! Ted is revolutionizing how we think about equipping married couples.”

Robbie Hall, Senior Pastor - Envision Church

Ted Lowe’s unique blend of humor, humility, creativity and transparency allows him to effectively inspire marriages. We loved having him at our church and so will you!

Aaron Gable, Senior Pastor - LifeBridge Church

Our staff and audience thoroughly enjoyed having Ted as a guest communicator! We can’t say enough about his engaging teaching style and relatable, relational humor. Even more, we liked him as much off the stage as we did on the stage. We can’t wait to book him again!

David Peacock, Family and Discipleship Pastor - Mountaintop Community Church

I love listening to Ted speak! He’s funny, insightful, and he cares deeply about his audience. I highly recommend him!

Doug Fields - Marriage Author

Ted is one of the most creative and humorous marriage communicators I know. He recently spoke at our marriage conference and really connected with our people. His talks are always based in scripture and are incredibly practical.

ohn McGee, Director of Marriage - Watermark Church, Dallas Texas

If we want to have healthy, thriving children then we first need to encourage and empower the marriages of their parents. Ted Lowe passionately believes in making sure married couples have the tools needed to support them. Ted is at his best as an engaging and funny speaker in large group environments

Jana Guynn, MarriedLife Ministries - North Point Community Church, Atlanta, GA
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MP Podcast 003: Is having fun in your marriage extra or essential?

Subscribe iTunes|Google Play|SoundCloud|Stitcher Show Notes Is having fun in your marriage extra or essential? Busyness, kids, exhaustion… There's a lot that gets in the way of having fun in marriage. Plus, marriage is serious business! Is having fun even that ...

Just Take My Hand

by Ted Lowe When it comes to spending time with God in the morning, I do it. Not so much because I'm so disciplined. I do it because I have to. If I don't spend time with God for a few days, I quickly become a mess. I get overwhelmed easily. I say things I regret. I let small things turn into big things. I'm not ...

3 One Liners That Make a Huge Difference in Our Marriage

by Ted Lowe When I ask people what it takes to have a great marriage, they mostly say one of two things: hard work or good communication. The problem with hard work is that most people work hard at work, and when they get home, they don't want to work anymore. Plus, many ...