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Mike Long, Abstinence Mike Long, Abstinence

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Mike's experience in the field of abstinence education & his unique style of communicating to both teens & parents is simply outstanding & inspiring. . . . program gives us the tools we need to direct our kids to embrace God's plan for sex w/in marriage.
Janet Parshall - Janet Parshall's America
Parents today need all the help they can get instilling wholesome ideals in their children. Mike Long offers insights on how to succeed in this greatest of responsibilities. He's truly a friend of the family.
Franklin Graham - Chairman and CEO, Samaritan's Purse
Thank you so much for a great job at our annual dinner and the youth rally. You have received rave reviews from everyone who attended the two events!
Cheryl Keen - Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland
You are a gifted teacher! There was a real interest among the 700+ in the audience to understand how they can connect with their children and grandchildren.
Judy Rouse, Executive Director - The Life Center
. . . your vision of "empowering" our young people to enjoy and reap physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of remaining sexually abstinent until their wedding night strongly resonated with our guests.
Jack Richardson, Executive Director - Harrisonburg Pregnancy Center
What a mighty God we serve--and what an anointed and gifted speaker He sent us! And it was the consensus of the people who came and listened to a very compelling pro-life, pro-purity message that Mike Long was the best speaker we have ever had.
Nancy McDonald, Executive Director - Hope Pregnancy Centers of Broward County Florida
The event was truly everything and more. Mike and his wife were the absolute sweetest and his message/keynote was bold, serious, yet humorous. We were very impressed; especially with his call to action! He had full attention from our crowd. We are so grateful for him and all of you at Premiere for all you have done and also for all of your patience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts here at Care Net Manasota.
Hali Heasley - Care Net Manasota Pregnancy Center
Our best banquet ever! Mike was incredible. His plea was awesome. I would highly recommend him!
Neeley Pickard, Executive Director - Open Door PCC