Gov. Mike Huckabee's Radio Show Ending Dec 12.

Gov Mike Huckabee

Gov Mike Huckabee

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Written by By Anugrah Kumar

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has announced that his radio show, which is heard three hours a day on over 200 radio stations across the United States, is ending on Dec. 12, as he is preparing for some "new endeavors."

The Mike Huckabee Show "will conclude its run at the end of the final show on Thursday, December 12," the 2008 Republican presidential candidate said on his Facebook page, before announcing it on his show, which is nationally syndicated by Cumulus Media Networks.

Cumulus Media and Huckabee have "mutually agreed to conclude" the show, he wrote, as first reported by Politico.

"I have loved doing the Mike Huckabee Show, and its success of going from launch to over 200 stations in less than 2 years is significant," said Huckabee, who started the show, which aired from 12 to 3 p.m. opposite Rush Limbaugh, in April 2012.

"I have opportunities in some other areas that cannot be accomplished given the 8-9 hours a day I was devoting to the daily long-form show."

Huckabee, who hasn't ruled out a possible 2016 presidential run, hasn't divulged his new plans though. "As for the new endeavors, at this time, it would best for me to say: Stay tuned!" said Huckabee, also a Fox News host.

"In the original development of the show, I set out to develop a talk radio show that focused on civil discourse on complicated topics as well as human events and stories from the entertainment world, I feel we have done that and done it well," he added.

Huckabee later announced the news on his show. "We were at a point in the contract that I have with Cumulus where it was sort of a crossroads, and you know, mutual agreement, decided maybe it's time to go separate ways," he told his listeners.
"Not because I didn't love doing the show - because I did - but you know, there were just some things going on in terms of unmet expectations that I feel like, given the time that I've got to devote, sometimes 8-9 hours a day, that is keeping me from doing some other projects and pursuing some endeavors that I am going to be pursuing in the future, that's all I can say about that."

Huckabee also stated that this "does not in any way effect 'The Huckabee Report,' my three times daily commentary, which is now heard on over 500 radio stations and continues to grow. It will remain without interruption and grow in the future."

The former governor told Christian Broadcasting Network last month that he is considering another run for president.

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Source: Christian Post

Gov. Mike Huckabee's Radio Show Ending Dec 12.
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