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How to Reframe Your Fear and Let It Work For You
Do you ever get uneasy-or even afraid-when you're close to achieving something big in your life? I do. In our recent relaunch ofPlatform University, for instance, we started with fewer responses than I anticipated. I began estimating the results for the entire campaign based on those early results and didn't like where things were going. I ...
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Why Leaders Can't Afford to be Easily Offended
As a leader, you are going to draw fire. People will criticize you. Some will second-guess your decisions. Others will impute motives that aren't there. A few will falsely accuse you.For example, just a few weeks ago, someone wrote a blog post publicly calling me a hypocrite. I won't lie; it stung. I was tempted to respond in kind. Thankfully, I...
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