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Dr. Michael Guillen Dr. Michael Guillen

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How To Succeed In Life Without Really Trying
Dr. Guillen beat the odds. He succeeded in going from the Mexican barrio of East Los Angeles, where he was born, to Harvard, ABC News, and beyond by living and working according to a set of rules he calls “Guillen’s Laws.” In this talk, Dr. Guillen tells you what they are and how they can be...
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Loving From the “Top-Down”
American pop culture defines love in a very selfish way; it claims that we must love ourselves before we can love anyone else. Modern science defines love in a Darwinistic way; it claims that when push comes to shove, we love only those who have our own genes (blood is thicker than water). Such...
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Not of this World
Are you surrounded by co-workers who scoff at your devout, childlike belief in God? By fellow students? By family, even? Odds are, you are. Today, we all live, work, and study in an increasingly secular ambience. All of which, Dr. Guillen says, raises this very important question: How can a...
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What’s Your SQ?
Scientists once believed that we humans were unique because of IQ. But not anymore: lots of animals have varying degrees of intelligence, from apes to whales to parrots. What makes us truly special is what Dr. Guillen calls SQ – Spiritual Quotient, the spiritual equivalent of IQ. God made us the...
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