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Words cannot express what a blessing Kevin Sorbo was to Life Choices. He was one of the most sincere and effective speakers we have ever had. He was genuine and his message was right on target for a pro-life audience.
Pat McClerkin - Life Choices Memphis
We were blessed to have Kevin Sorbo as the keynote speaker. Not only is he a humble and down to earth "MAN," but a gracious servant who helped us raise sponsorship to underwrite our event.
Don Vigil - San Joaquin County Leadership Prayer Breakfast
Kevin's knowledge and exceptional talents enabled him to deliver a powerful and heartfelt message that was used in a mighty way, and is still resonating throughout our communities as those present continue to share the excitement.
Jan Lupia, Executive Director - HEARTbeat At 22
Kevin was amazing. Not only was his life story incredible but he is a funny guy. He had the whole room laughing. He did three things that were awesome. #1 shared his story, #2 shared our story and #3 told people to get involved with us. Kevin is the real deal. It is great to know that we as Christians have a voice in Hollywood trying to stand up and do the right thing.
Beth, Director of Stewardship & Public Relations - The Oliver Gospel Mission
Kevin Sorbo was the best yet in all the speeches I have heard through the year. His dynamic yet humorous personality was engaging to the entire audience.
Banquet attendee - Metro Maryland Youth for Christ
Kevin delivered a stirring and powerful testimony on the power of inner strength in overcoming unexpected life changing events. He was professional and responsive.
David, Chairman - San Jaoquin Leadership Prayer Breakfast
I want to let you know that Kevin Sorbo did an absolutely fabulous job. He came prepared, and had researched the many issues facing our pro-life ministry. Mr. Sorbo was engaging and powerful with his message, and led to our pledges being 42% higher this year! In addition, Mr. Sorbo and his wife were very humble and kind individuals. They made everyone around them feel comfortable and important. I would highly recommend Kevin Sorbo to anyone looking for a powerful and impactful speaker.
Ashley Graves, Executive Director - Choices Clinic & Life Resource Center
Kevin Sorbo “knocked it out of the park” with a full house of over 1,500 people. He was personable, engaging, humorous and passionate about the insights he has into American life and culture. His own personal and professional experiences add so much to what he has to share.
Dr. Doug Pratt, Senior Pastor - First Presbyterian Church, Bonita Springs, FL
It has been a long time since I've run into a person as congenial and outgoing as Kevin. While taking photos of Kevin with the Level 3 sponsors he, in less than 15 seconds, became their "best friend" showing genuine concern for who they were and what they were all about. The other impactful thing was listening to him express his passion for getting Christianity into Hollywood - truly a dedicated ambassador to making that happen.
Dave Nichols, Elder - First Presbyterian Church, Bonita Springs, FL
The 2016 NDOP event was probably one of our most successful, and Kevin deserves all the credit. His message was timely, uncompromising, and passionate. Many of our members were "blown away" by his story and his character. He is an honest, energetic "rock-solid" Christian with a Hollywood presence.... exactly the man we needed. His message was tailored to our audience, and we could tell that he put a lot of thought and preparation into his topic. His delivery was flawless.
Becky Mestayer, Treasurer - Profit and Loss Association
As our keynote speaker for National Day of Prayer in Lake Charles, Louisiana, you were by far the best one we have ever had in over 20 years of hosting this event by Profit & Loss Assoc of SWLA. People are going out of their way texting and emailing me expressing their gratitude for such an excellent program. Here are some of the comments: "He was great and really made you want to hear what he had to say..." "By the far, the best Christian speaker EVER..." "What an inspiring message today from Kevin Sorbo! WELL DONE!" The crowd loved the way you interacted with them on a personal/individual level both before and after the program. We consider ourselves blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and have you share your Christian Faith Walk with us. Thank you & God Bless
Daphne Berken - Profit and Loss Association
Kevin Sorbo is a strong and passionate speaker about the issues of faith, family and life and we were honored to have him as our keynote speaker for our 2016 Texas Values Gala. His witness about his Christian faith and the story of his personal journey from near-death to new life will inspire anyone who is blessed to hear him. His unforgettable presence combines a special “Hollywood” charisma with a transparent boldness that allows his inner core to shine through in an authentic way that will impact your own life and leave you ready to stand up and seek greatness. Kevin also spent special time with our guests before and after the event making it clear that he cares about making a difference with everyone he meets. Our event guests are still talking about him and I know they will be for some time to come.
Jonathan Saenz, President - Texas Values
Having Kevin Sorbo as a speaker, was more than I had expected. I knew he would draw a crowd, but I never expected him to be as passionate as he was about the pro-life movement. He even stayed and closed the place down, visiting with every last person that stood in line. His generosity with his time was truly inspirational and much appreciated! My ministry update was bolder than usual and his message reaffirmed my vision. I can not recommend him enough.
Dana Schwiethale - Loving Choices
We were most impressed with Kevin Sorbo's keynote appearance at the Silver Jubilee celebration of our ministry. From interacting with our private reception guests, to his speech, to the time he took after the event with our attendees, he was always gracious, compelling and personable. Those in attendance at our events were effusive in their praise of his presentation. Thank you Kevin for helping make our silver anniversary sparkle for the cause of LIFE!
Becky Visosky, Executive Director - Catholic Pro-Life Committee