Dream Guide 2019

Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen

Bible teacher, founder of IF:Gathering

How did 2018 already come and go? We've been in our new city for almost a year and a half and I'm happy to say it really does feel like home. These five are my best friends!


Photo by Meshali Mitchell

Every year, my husband Zac and I take a few hours to dream. We do this intentionally because when we don't look forward to the new year with purpose, life can feel rather reactive.

So we look at every facet of our lives. Our friendships. Our spiritual life. The way we've spent money. Our kids. And we take inventory. We pray through where we've grown in 2018 and what needs to be tended to.

Where has 2018 brought you? What are you believing God for in 2019?

When you love God and love others, you're participating in God's redemptive work of making the world better. And there's no greater way to live. It really is as simple as this.

Do the best you can in this world and as you're going, love God and give Him away to people. No matter what you're doing.

I'm cheering you on! My prayer is that this little guide would help you look back on all that God has done in 2018 and dream about what could be ahead this coming year.

Share your experience with us online using the hashtag #dreamguide2019. I want to see what you're excited about and hear your stories!


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