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Dr. Damon Friedman

Dr. Damon Friedman, Men's Ministries, Christian, Motivation, Faith & Freedom, Evangelism & Outreach, Faith & Freedom military, men's ministry, mens ministry, mens, manhood, Motivation, faith & freedom, special ops, PTSD, veteran, combat Dr. Damon Friedman, Men's Ministries, Christian, Motivation, Faith & Freedom, Evangelism & Outreach, Faith & Freedom military, men's ministry, mens ministry, mens, manhood, Motivation, faith & freedom, special ops, PTSD, veteran, combat
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Dr. Damon Friedman

Leader in special operations and combat decorated veteran

About Dr. Damon Friedman

Dr. Damon Friedman is a combat decorated veteran who served four combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terrorism. Originally, he was a US Marine Corps officer and later transferred into the Air Force's elite as a Special Tactics Officer (aka: Combat Controller). Dr. Friedman's personal decorations include three Bronze Stars (one with Valor) and the Air Force Combat Action Medal.
Dr. Friedman is a sought after speaker with expertise in leadership, ...

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Perseverance: Finding Mission and Purpose

Damon Friedman lays it all out on the table and shares his life’s challenges. He conveys the hard lessons he learned during ...

Freedom: Identifying Struggles and Overcoming

Drawing from the liberty we are privileged to have in this county, Damon Friedman identifies the many factors that keep ...

Leadership: Developing Teams and Winning

As a prior Marine and leader within special operations, Damon Friedman discusses the challenges of leadership through ...

Champion: Fighting for a Righteous Cause

Our country has come to a crossroads—a point from which a choice is to be made. Damon Friedman assesses the current state of ...

After 25 years of hosting the largest gathering of active-duty and veterans on the West Coast, with numerous speakers, I have to place Damon Friedman at the top of our list. There is no question, I will be requesting another speaking engagement from Damon Friedman. He is a talented and gifted communicator and held each of our audiences with rapt attention. The feedback from many of our attendees has been 100% positive because of the effect of Damon's presentation. There was not one word wasted in his presentation and every sentence left impact on our audiences. It is without hesitation I completely recommend Lt Col Damon Friedman to you. Damon Friedman is a "difference-maker

Pastor Michael Ciociola - Calvary Christian Center

Damon Friedman's zeal for Christ is only surpassed by his knowledge of the Scriptures, and his ability to clearly communicate them. On every occasion, he has spoken at Calvary Chapel Lakeland, our congregation has been challenged to a deeper and more purposeful relationship with the Lord. I could not more highly recommend him!

Pastor Jahn - Senior Pastor - Calvary Chapel

There are times when a Pastor needs to bring in an outside voice to call God's people back to their first love, to quit playing church, and resubmit their lives to Christ and His mission. Damon Friedman is such a voice. He brings passion, humility, clarity, seriousness and humor to every assignment. On more than one occasion God used Damon's voice to issue a specific and powerful word to our church family. I'm truly grateful to God for His servant, Damon Friedman.

Jim Botts - Senior Pastor - Green Valley Community Church

I've been watching God mold and develop my friend Damon over the years and I'm both amazed and encouraged by the growth of his heart and ministry. We've had Damon speak at Calvary Chapel DC Metro and sent people to serve with him on missions trips overseas - whether here or abroad people always come away affected by his passion and zeal for Christ.

Pastor Jeff Schlenz - Senior Pastor - City Gates Church

Surrender Only to ONE presents a handful of American warriors who have engaged and destroyed the enemies of our nation. Each has a story. Their perspectives are shaped by the truth that they hold most dear and are the direct result of confronting the evil that exists in the world through combat. As we look around at our world, it is clear that there is an ongoing struggle, both seen and unseen, between forces of good and forces of evil. The effects shape nations and have profound impact on the human condition possibly yours or someone close to you. Surrender Only to ONE shares the perspectives and experience of these men and women, who each have a relationship with the Creator of the universe and that changes everything! There are no promises that challenges or problems will go away, only that your perspective will be different and more powerful as you face them. If you are looking for answers, I believe you will find them here.

Lt Gen Donny Wurster, USAF (ret)

It is such a privilege to be part of this project. You guys are warriors, you're champions, in Christ but also just what you do for our country man it makes me proud, proud to be an American

Dwight Thompson Jr. Director - Surrender Only to ONE
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