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Dr. Damon Friedman Text Reviews

With over 3,000 attendees on our campus gathering to bring honor and appreciation to those who have served us and still serve us, and to remember the 1,000,000 plus Americans who have laid down their lives for our freedom, Damon Friedman struck exactly the right chord in his challenging presentation to our audiences. After 25 years of hosting the largest gathering of active-duty and veterans on the West Coast, with numerous speakers, I have to place Damon Friedman at the top of our list. There is no question, I will be requesting another speaking engagement from Damon Friedman.
Pastor Michael Ciociola - A Grateful Nation Remembers
Our Battle Brothers rally, with over 600 men in attendance, was a huge success because of Dr. Damon Friedman. His testimony touched every man in the room. Stories about his time in the military kept every eye locked on. He was so inspiring, and his energy resonated throughout the auditorium. His message of courage and faith connected with each man there. The results were obvious when over 100 men stood tall and walked forward to make a change in their lives. There's no doubt that everyone was impacted. If you're looking for somebody to truly connect with your group and speak truth, I highly recommend Dr. Damon Friedman.
Rich Sasser, Director of Men - Battle Brothers Men's Conference
Get in, buckle up, and hold on for an adrenaline filled journey toward fulfilling the purpose that God created you for. Dr. Friedman's heart for people to step into God's plan for their life is evident by the passionate way he delivers this message.
Pastor Phil Seay - The Lamb's Chapel Burlington, NC
What I really admire about Damon is his outspokenness for Jesus Christ. He is using his platform to speak to people and it's fantastic.
Pastor Greg Laurie - Harvest Christian Fellowship
We were definitely wowed my Damon. He connected so well with our people both during the services and afterwards. He has a great heart for ministry and that came through loud and clear. People were laughing and crying the whole time. We couldn't be any happier
Jon Brooks - Oak Creek Assembly of God
Damon Friedman did an outstanding job at our Veterans Day ceremony. Students view this assembly as their favorite of the year, and Damon made it just that - their favorite. I would recommend you contact Damon and get him in as a guest speaker. He will be outstanding at any event you have.
Tom Wilson, Colonel (Ret.) - Director Passport to Lead, Houston Christian High School
I've been watching God mold and develop my friend Damon over the years and I'm both amazed and encouraged by the growth of his heart and ministry. We've had Damon speak at Calvary Chapel DC Metro and sent people to serve with him on missions trips overseas - whether here or abroad people always come away affected by his passion and zeal for Christ.
Pastor Jeff Schlenz - Senior Pastor - City Gates Church
Damon Friedman's zeal for Christ is only surpassed by his knowledge of the Scriptures, and his ability to clearly communicate them. On every occasion he has spoken at Calvary Chapel Lakeland, our congregation has been challenged to a deeper and more purposeful relationship with the Lord. I could not more highly recommend him!
Senior Pastor Roger Jahn - Calvary Chapel Lakeland, FL
There are times when a Pastor needs to bring in an outside voice to call God's people back to their first love, to quit playing church, and resubmit their lives to Christ and His mission. Damon Friedman is such a voice. He brings passion, humility, clarity, seriousness and humor to every assignment. On more than one occasion God used Damon's voice to issue a specific and powerful word to our church family. I'm truly grateful to God for His servant, Damon Friedman.
Jim Botts - Senior Pastor - Green Valley Community Church
Damon Friedman is a warrior for the Lord. He has personally experienced combat as a special tactics officer in the Air Force and he also knows the spiritual battles that our nation's service men and women face when they return home. Damon has taken on a new mission of combatting the suicide epidemic in our military community by offering hope to those who are contemplating that route. That hope can only be found in submitting your life to Jesus Christ -- who has already paid the ultimate sacrifice. I encourage you to support Damon and SOF Missions.
Chad Hennings - Hennings Management Corporation
Passionate. Inspiring. Convicting. Damon Friedman is a prophetic voice to this generation. The listener can almost feel the intensity of the Middle Eastern sun as this soldier's story unfolds. There is a palpable awareness of the reality of war as one joins the journey of a man who has come face to face with evil. If a pastor is satisfied with an apathetic church that continues to embrace comfort and ease, then this speaker is not for you, but if transformation is the desired goal, then invite Major Friedman in to expose your church to the Kingdom life. Trinity Church was impacted by a man who prays for his enemy, loves the hurting and broken, and forsakes all to reach the lost.
Mark Anthony - Senior Pastor - Trinity Church
By enabling strong relationships, SOF Missions [led by Dr. Damon Friedman] helps Warriors and their families reinvigorate hope and a sense of purpose. The organization affords a holistic path toward psychological, physical, and spiritual resiliency through nationally recognized partnerships and a growing number of hometown SOF Teams. SOF Missions is building a credible network that is strengthening our Warriors and those who support them.
General Stanley McChrystal - U.S. Army, Retired
Damon Friedman and the team at SOF Missions is doing an excellent job taking care of our warriors. We could not speak freely, worship freely, and live freely here in America if it was not for our military.
Coach Bobby Bowden - Florida State University Football Coach
As Director of Clinic Services at Thrive Women's Clinic for over 19 years, I am able to say that Damon Friedman is by far the best speaker I've heard at our annual fundraising events. His stories about the dangers he faced were gripping, and I was inspired by the great courage he showed while protecting our country. Damon is passionate and motivating. I give him my highest recommendation.
Kay Morton, RN, BSN, RDMS - Thrive Women's Clinic
Damon was outstanding. His passion for Christ and how he related to the crowd at all levels was amazing. He interacted with the students present and his testimony in the relating of real-world events was second to none. I would highly recommend him to any venue!
Dr. F.L. Martin III, Head of School - Thomas Sumter Academy