Cynthia Wenz

Cynthia Wenz, Pro-Life pro-life Cynthia Wenz, Pro-Life pro-life
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Cynthia Wenz

Keynote Speaker for Pro-Life Movement, Women in Business (President/CEO) and Author of Healed for Life

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Houston, TX
About Cynthia Wenz

A nationally recognized voice in the Life movement, Cynthia Wenz is Founder of Healed for Life Ministries, a 501(c)3 that advocates for the health of women and their relationships, unveils the abortion experience, and amplifies the voice of the healed and healing post-abortive community.

Having served as President and CEO of a holistic reproductive health center from 2009-2017, Cynthia supports the growth of pregnancy medical centers through HFLM, helping to raise the standard of care ...

We had our daughter join us to hear Cynthia and I'm glad we did. I was able to encourage her that she too will be a person that people who are all messed up will come to and she can help point them to God and good choices. It was a sweet time with her!"

Cornerstone Ministries
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