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Caleb Castille

Caleb Castille, Entertainment Caleb Castille, Entertainment
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Premiere Exclusive

Caleb Castille

Two Time National Champion Football Player, Actor in the movie "Woodlawn" and Youth Evangelist

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Los Angeles, CA
About Caleb Castille

Newcomer Joshua "Caleb" Castille had less than three days to prepare for his first acting role ever after the writing-directing-producing team of Jon and Andrew Erwin chose him to play the lead, Tony Nathan, in their true high school football drama, Woodlawn. While Castille's last minute casting call has all the hallmarks of the classic understudy-becomes-the-star story - he had been training to be the onscreen football body double for the original actor - upon closer examination, ...

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Living for God at a Young Age

Often times so many young people use their age as an excuse not to live out a Godly life. Through the experiences of my life ...


With spiritual principles and my own testimony I am able to show people how to accomplish their goals and dreams.

We loved Caleb! He was an awesome part of our weekend services. More importantly, he is an exceptional young man. He is respectful, grateful, honoring and wonderfully fun to be with. We were blessed to have him.

Gail - Christ Fellowship
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